Bachelor of Education (Teaching English as Second Language) (MQA/A9153)


The Bachelor of Education (Teaching English as Second Language) is for those who want a recognized teaching degree to build a successful career in the education sector, and most importantly, for those with a passion for teaching.

This course is also specialised for the Malaysian Ministry of Higher Education, Department of Teacher Education (Program Pensiswazahan Guru), whereby teachers are sponsored fully to gain latest knowledge and skills in delivering education to primary students.

The part time degree is ideal for teachers with Diploma qualification in search of increased career opportunities in the Education and Training sector. Those with MQA accredited Diploma can request for Credit Transfer to shorten the programme duration.

The course prepares teachers academically, emotionally and spiritually - a wholesome set of skills required to guide their own students.

The Teaching Practicum is key in assessing real world skills in the classroom.


Course Titles

MQA Subjects

  1. Bahasa Kebangsaan
  2. Malaysian Studies
  3. Islamic Studies
  4. Moral Studies

Compulsory Subjects

  1. Academic Writing
  2. Entrepreneurship in Asia
  3. Asian Studies
  4. Ethics in Asia

Core Subjects 

  1. Philosophy of Education
  2. School and Society
  3. Educational Psychology
  4. Adolescent Psychology and Development
  5. Child Growth and Development
  6. Counseling in Schools
  7. Children with Special Needs
  8. Developing the Curriculum
  9. Pedagogical Models and Strategies
  10. Principles of Instructional Technology
  11. Statistical methods in Education

Major (TESL)

  1. Linguistics for Language Teachers
  2. Fundamentals of English Grammar
  3. Psycholinguistics in 2nd Language Teaching
  4. Sociolinguistics in 2nd Language Teaching
  5. Reading in 2nd Language Contexts
  6. Writing in 2nd Language Contexts
  7. Research Methods in Teaching English as a 2nd Language
  8. Teaching English as a 2nd Language Methodology
  9. Teaching Reading in the 2nd Language Classroom
  10. Teaching Writing in the 2nd Language Classroom
  11. Teaching Listening & Speaking Skills in the 2nd Language Classroom
  12. Teaching Grammar in the 2nd Language Classroom
  13. Language Testing and Evaluation
  14. Computers in the Second Language Classroom
  15. Minor (Literature)
  16. Drama and Poetry in English
  17. Short Stories in English
  18. Novels in English
  19. Teaching Literature in a 2nd Language Context Teaching
    Drama & Poetry in a 2nd Language Context
  20. Teaching Short Stories & Novels in a 2nd Language Context
  21. Drama and Poetry in English
  22. Short Stories in English
  23. Novels in English
  24. Teaching Literature in a Second Language Context
  25. Teaching Practicuum / Project

Learning Outcomes

  1. Trace the historical and philosophical origin of early childhood education.
  2. Apply knowledge of child development in planning respectful, supportive and challenging learning environments for all children.
  3. Plan and implement developmentally appropriate practices (DAP) for young children, with sensitivity to individual needs.
  4. Appreciate the importance of involving parents and families as partners in the education of young children.
  5. Establish and maintain responsible practices for promoting childhood health, safety, and nutrition.
  6. Apply the organisational regulations, policies, ethical guidelines, and standards associated with the provision of early childhood education services.
  7. Demonstrate the ability to teach young learners a variety of teaching methods and techniques.
  8. Appreciate that teaching young children is an art, science, craft and profession and the need to be reflective.

Mode of Study : 

  1. Part Time
  2. Fully Online
  3. Blended Learning. Students are expected to attend 10 hours of tutorial per subject. The tutorials are conducted over weekends so that working students will be able to attend the sessions.

Duration : 4 -5 years

No of Semesters :  14 semesters (3 months per semester)


Entry Requirements

  1. Diploma with at least CGPA 2.00 OR
  2. Matriculation/Preparatory programmes with at least CGPA 2.00 OR
  3. SPM or its equivalent with 3 years related working experience OR
  4. International Baccalaureate (IB) with 24 points OR
  5. A Level with at least C grade in 3 subjects OR
  6. Open Entry Qualifications recognized by the Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia
  7. at least 21 years old and possess PMR or equivalent OR
  8. Other qualifications recognised by the AeU Senate