(Revised 2022) We are a group of educators who have been working in the education sector for many years in Malaysia and overseas.

A shared belief in the transformative power of education is what brings us together. Education will also bring us together as a nation and develop it for the benefit of all our children. There are no absentee owners in the shadows, no venture capitalists – we are simply education service providers who have plodded the field, and hope now to make a difference in the education sector.

We have expertise in a wide range of educational services, from the establishment of educational institutions to curriculum design and review. We are able to support universities and colleges in a number of areas making it more economical for the institution to rely on our expertise as and when needed. We have reviewed institutional processes and developed capacity-building programs for countries with systems as different as those found in Kyrgyzstan, Indonesia, and Tanzania.

With new talent added to the group, the scope of our services has extended to new and exciting areas that are linked to education and training. We now advise and help implement compliance procedures relating to personal data protection, anti-corruption systems, and consumer protection laws.

By subscribing to our services, institutions will be freed to concentrate on their key business processes, especially where, as mentioned earlier, it makes sense to rely on us for services such as the development of new courses, audit of processes, and reviews of strategies. Our services include;

  1. Administration & Finance Support Services
  2. Establishment and Accreditation including Drafting Services
  3. Drafting Services
  4. Education and Training
  5. Pro Bono Services
  6. Anti Corruption Services
  7. Personal Data Protection Compliance