Accreditation, Ranking & Rating Procedures

We advise and assist institutions on institutional audits, accreditation and rating processes. Our methods when implemented across institutional activities will ensure not only positive results in the exercise concerned but will also improve operational processes that will help develop the institution. Espact staff will work with institutions to survey and review all processes of the institution that fall for scrutiny in a particular exercise.

Advisory Services on Education Laws and Policies

Private higher education is one of the most regulated sectors of the Malaysian economy. Laws and regulations and bureaucratic circulars impact at both macro and micro levels. Added to that, new and emerging policies such as the proposed Higher Education Blueprint are expected to bring in new changes to the way higher educational institutions carry out their business.

Espact’s advisory services are designed to assist individual institutions manage the extensive policies, laws and regulation that bind the private sector of higher education. We conduct in-house seminars for senior staff and help formulate strategies to revise internal processes to meet changes in laws and policies. We provide opinion on new and emerging policies and how they would impact on the strategies of institutions. We support our advice with drafting services to make all internal processes compliant with laws and policies.

Approval to Conduct and Accreditation of Courses

Our advice on course approvals include market analyses of proposed courses and costs of implementation. We prepare all relevant documents to meet both MOE and MQA requirements. We also provide advice and services for curriculum design and review in accordance with MQA guidelines and best academic practices.

Convocation and other Event Management

We provide full event management services for annual convocations, annual dinners, conferences and seminars.

Curriculum Design & Review

Although programme offerings in higher education have remained unchanged for many decades, the broadening of access to higher education has created demands for non-traditional education programmes. Higher educational institutions have to innovate new courses as well as refresh existing ones in order to remain competitive. Our services include identifying and developing new courses with clients; curriculum development incorporating industry inputs to implementation, .review and monitoring in accordance with MQA advanced standards.

Custom Solutions for Schools 

We provide solutions on classroom management, teaching strategies and student management that are customised to meet the needs of individual schools as well as special groups of students. We also have expertise to provide tools for a total education solution that is innovative, compliant and school friendly. Our solutions may also incorporate ICT based learning tools and systems for storing and sharing information.


Distance Education

Distance education (DE) is now only available to PHEIs that operate exclusively as DE providers, although MOE has permitted some institutions to deliver in both DE and traditional modes. We provide services to both types of DE institutions and develop strategies for them to leverage resources from one delivery mode to benefit the other.

Establishment of Private Institutions

We provide support at all stages of the approval, establishment and registration process from documentation to start up strategies and roadmaps to avoid pitfalls in the process. Our agents work closely with clients and the different agencies involved in the process of approvals to minimise delays.

ICT in Education

Not only has the promised revolution in education through ICT not taken place, but schools, teachers and students remain uncertain about, what, how much and when to look to and introduce ICT into the school’s environment. In Higher Education too, there are uncertainties, but here, there are enormous opportunities to access resources to support higher education programmes and an astonishing array of methods for staff development.

ESPACT will be able to advise schools and Higher Education Providers on the application and use of ICT and its resources and negotiate with suppliers for the best terms.

Monitoring Franchised Programmes for Universities

Universities and other institutions franchising or outsourcing their programmes to local institutions can look to as their agents to monitor their standards and processes in the local institution. We will work with both the franchising institution and the local institution to ensure that learning experience and outcomes in the distant locale match those in the home location.

Our monitoring processes are sensitive to the prescriptions of regulatory bodies such as Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education in the UK (QAA) and the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA).

Outsource Education Services to Universities and Colleges 

The delivery of a quality education is dependent on myriad academic processes that require special talents and expertise. However, because the need for these services are seasonal in the academic calendar of an institution, it is more cost effective to outsource them to providers like us who have the expertise and specialised manpower to support several institutions. We are able to support institutions in many areas including;

  • the establishment and monitoring of quality assurance processes;
  • setting up examination departments and managing the security of student academic assessment;
  • curriculum design and review; monitoring and review of system efficiency.