Academic Courses

Espact Sdn Bhd has been appointed by the Asia E University (AeU) to deliver some of their academic courses. Under the arrangement with AeU, ESPACT will be responsible for the delivery of the courses. By delivery we mean, the engagement of the students into the programme to prepare them for all assessments connected with the programme and to take them through to graduation. Programmes will be taught on a distance education mode with all approvals from the Ministry of Education and the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA). Participants in the programme, registering for the programmes will be supplied all learning materials related to the programme and be supported through AeU`s distance education portal.

ESPACT will provide the face-to-face component which amounts to 10 contact hours per subject, regular counselling and additional academic support. ESPACT involvement in the delivery process will not only ensure the observance of all formal distance education requirements prescribed by the university and the regulatory authorities but also incorporate additional academic support from faculty appointed by ESPACT.







Training Programmes

Our stock of training programmes cover a wide range of training needs. Training programmes for higher education sector cover staff development programmes for academics and administrators in higher education. The training needs of schools and teachers from kindergarten to secondary schools is listed in Training Programmes for Schools.

Myhandswork training programmes include training programmes that look at old and new skills that are needed in a rapidly changing workplace.

All our training programmes are supported by training materials and instructors’ guide to ensure that promised outcomes are achieved.


  • Training Programmes for the Higher Education Sector

Teaching in higher educational institutions is beginning to be seen as a profession in its own right all over the world. The professionalism is linked not only to teachers’ disciplinary knowledge, which is generally assumed, but also, and importantly, to their understanding about the teaching and learning processes of higher education. University and college teachers have to commit themselves to an understanding of student development in higher education and how higher education institutions are managed to produce well rounded individuals who are good employable citizens.

In Malaysia, staff development has always been part of the approval criteria for new academic programmes and a factor that is taken into account in institutional audits and accreditation exercises carried out by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA). New policies introduced by government are set to herald in Continuing professional development (CPD)for academic staff as part of a continuing process to enhance institutional standing and the quality of delivery. We offer CPD training in a wide area of subjects to match the rapid changes taking place in all domains of knowledge and in teaching and learning methods.




  • Training Programmes for Schools 

Programmes organised by ESPACT for schools are designed by subject experts who take into account the current needs of schools based on government policies.



  • Myhandswork Training

Skills needed in Malaysia cover both white-collar and blue-collar positions. Published reports show that there is a skills shortage in almost every industry, and the shortage is not limited to technical skills. Critical sectors of the economy such the construction, oil and gas industries have all lamented the shortage of skills and how the absence of skilled workforce threatens the growth of these sectors. Reports emanating from different sectors of the economy have identified shortages in a number of areas. They identify a general shortage in ICT and knowledge workers to meet the extensive computerisation of work processes. There is a shortage also in skilled inndividuals to meet the needs of emerging technologies such as competrised animation and 3-D printing. The construction sector is in need of building trades, particularly welders. In the education sector, there is an immediate need for early childhood teachers and child care personnel.

Over and above specific skills, employers have regularly complained about the lack of soft skills, language skills and attitudinal disorientation of employees, even those graduating with degrees and diplomas.

Entrepreneurial drive among youth also seems to be scarce with relatively few individuals embarking on businesses of their own. The building of business acumen and entrepreneurial skill is therefore a national priority.

Based on national needs, ESPACT has developed a broad range of training programmes that are immediately available for delivery to appropriate audiences. These programmes are supported by specially written learning materials, learning outcomes and instructor's modules. New programmes are being developed and will be added to the list. The programmes available now are shown below:-