ESPACT Offers Blender Programmes

ESPACT Offers Blender Programmes

Posted on : May 12 2015

Students can now enrol for the SagarOnSys Institute of Gaming Multimedia and Animation (SIGMA)`s blender programmes at ESPACT. These programmes are Basic Animation and Advanced Animation.

These are the programmes on 3D Animation. Learners will be introduced to computer animation techniques, such as key framing, rigging and posing, path animation, particle system, fluid simulation, deformation, hair, cloth, and soft bodies. Other related topics covered include, mesh modelling, materials, lighting, and texture mapping. Learners will be taught to use Blender (the open source 3D modelling and animation tool) to study these techniques and develop their own skills. By the end of the programmes, learners are expected to have a good understanding of the following:- computer graphics; modelling and animation techniques; how to use Blender to create 3D content; and state of the art in 3D computer graphics.

“This programme has opened up a whole new set of opportunities for all school leavers, or those who do not have the intention of furthering their studies at educational institutions. It also caters to workers who have no qualifications to show despite having years of working experience”, the author of the Sigma Courses , Mr G. Venkatesh Babu rightly said.

“SIGMA’s approach is to identify your core skill and creates a multi-edged advantage”, Mr U K Menon, CEO of ESPACT said, “it will compliment you in your current programme”.

Today there are many computer graphic training programmes on various computer graphic tools. Many of these programmes focus on making learners aware of the graphic tool’s features rather than building their skills which will make them use the tool effectively. For Job opportunities in Visualization, the skill level of the individual is more critical than the tool itself.