Webinar - The Tyranny of Social Media

Webinar - The Tyranny of Social Media

Posted on : January 14 2021

Recent actions by Twitter, Facebook and other social media giants to arbitrarily close the accounts of subscribers raise concerns about the power of the media to control the free expression of opinion. While we may applaud the silencing of people like Trump, the principles of free speech must apply equally to all. If what is said is in breach of any law, the right action to take is to bring the force of law on the speaker. Social media like all other media must remain neutral to all opinions and not be the arbiters of public opinion.

In this Webinar, Dr K. Arichandran examines from a technological perspective the power of Big Techs and how they can become a tyrannical force to counter democratic processes.

Dr K Arichandran has been at the forefront of technological developments as educator and influencer of national policies on technology. Dr Ari as he is widely known among friends, students and associates is also a critical observer and commentator on political issues in this country. He was Dean of the Engineering Faculty in the University of Malaya.