Starting a Small Trading Business

This is a highly practical training programme that is designed to assist anyone who is interested in starting a small trading business. The programme serves the needs of the full time business person as well as small businesses that are run on a part time basis from the home. 

More and more individuals are setting up small businesses in this country. If properly organised, such businesses would ensure a regular stream of income to support individual and family needs. The programme adopts a simple approach on the setting up of a business that is accessible to a wide category of persons including those who may have had education only up to the secondary level. Using simple template documents that are distributed to participants, the programme takes a step by step approach on the following matters:-

Assessing the business idea and fine-tuning it. 

Drawing a simple business plan that will aid the participant to monitor the progress of his business.

Developing marketing strategies including through the internet.

Complying with all legal and licensing regulations.

Raising funding for the business.

Participants will also be given detailed information about banking procedures, applying for loans and seeking assistance from relevant government agencies.

The programme is conducted over 3 days.