July 24 2021

Graduate Diploma in Early Childhood Education

ESPACT, working with Asia E University (AeU) now offers the university’s Graduate Diploma in Early Childhood Education for those who are teachers in kindergartens and other early childhood education centres. The Graduate Diploma is approved by the Ministry of Education/Malaysian Qualifications Agency. The programme is taught online and on weekends. Taking just three subjects a semester, a learner would be able to complete the entire programme in just two and a half years.

ESPACT believes that the course is ideally suited for those who are already teachers in kindergartens. They only have to attend classes once a month. The fees for the programme are very affordable. This fee will give you additional learning support to help you with any special difficulty that you may have. For example, we have found that adult learners returning to education may need help with academic writing, whether in Bahasa or in English. ESPACT provides special classes to assist students with their writing. This will give the students more confidence and help them in their examinations. 



Sept 2021 Semester

Enrollment and Induction Week

Counselling Sessions:

24 July 2021 Saturday 11am - 12pm  Register in advance for this meeting

21 Aug 2021 Saturday 11am - 12pm  Register in advance for this meeting

ESPACT has been conducting roadshows across the country to introduce the Graduate Diploma to early childhood teachers and owners of kindergartens. If you have a group of teachers who need to talk to us, we will be happy to meet you at a location and time that is convenient to you. For more information, please click for course outline or contact us