Data Protection for Journalists and Writers

Most journalism is information about people. A good amount of writing is also about people. About their triumphs and failures; their follies and greatness; their failings as well as their endurance and fortitude. Journalists and writers have a sharp sense of the boundaries of personal information they are not to cross. Defamation and other laws are red lights of warning embedded on the desks of writers.

New laws now bind them; they must now also consider the provisions of the Personal Data Protection Act 2010 that deal with the publication of personal information. Importantly, the  Personal Data Protection Act 2010 also introduces a new bureaucratic department to monitor the acts of journalists.

The one-day seminar will cover the following areas;

Privacy and Information Privacy;

The boundaries of the law before the Personal Data Protection Act 2010 (PDPA)
The Application and scope of the PDPA
Data Protection Principles
Rights of Individuals over their personal information
The Journalistic, Literary and Artistic Exemption under the PDPA

The balancing of privacy interests with the freedom of expression

Data User Forums and Self-Regulation

Who Should Attend

Journalists, reporters, editors, bloggers, and anyone involved in writing and communicators generally will find this seminar very useful. Previous knowledge of the law is not required.