Drafting Regulations for the Private Higher Education Institution

The law requires private higher educational institutions to be managed in accordance with a constitution that has to be approved by the Ministry of Education. The laws do not prescribe a format or a list of what the constitution is to contain although the Ministry has circulated template constitutions. It is vital for institutions to have a comprehensive set of regulations supporting the constitution because the law expects the institution to be managed in accordance with these regulations. These regulations also matter to the institution because they are essential to regulate student discipline and the academic processes of the  institution. As the Act is silent on matters such as the location of academic authority and how it is separated from the rights of the owner, the regulations of the institution would have to perform these tasks. Careful drafting is called for because they will ultimately decide on the proper management of the institution and avoid uncertainty and costly litigation.

The two-day course covers all the relevant laws and regulations concerning the constitution and other regulations of the institution and takes participants through exercises in drafting with case examples.