Implementing the 2017 Amendments to the Private Higher Educational Institutions Act 1996

The Private Higher Educational Institutions (Amendment) Act 2017 makes important changes to the principal Act on a number of areas that affect the daily management of private universities and colleges. Changes affect, among others, the following areas;

  • Institutional Constitution
  • Approval and renewal of Courses
  • Role of the Chief Executive
  • Student Disciplinary Procedures
  • Closing Down Obligations of the Company
  • Classification of private institutions of higher education

The half-day workshop by Espact will give participants from a practical understanding of the new provisions and explain how they are to be incorporated into the daily operations of the private university or college. Where required, participants will be helped with the redrafting of documents applied in private universities and colleges.

This workshop is essential for administrators and managers of private universities and private colleges in Malaysia.

All participants will receive a free booklet by Espact entitled "A Guide to the 2017 Amendments of the Private Higher Educational Institutions Act 1996".