Laws and Policies on Higher Education

This two-day programme (4 sessions) is designed for senior administrators of higher educational institutions and those who have recently joined the sector or have crossed the public – private divide in higher education.

On completion of the programme, participants will be equipped with a systematic understanding of the myriad laws and policies governing higher education in Malaysia. They will have a feel of the political and social tensions surrounding the policies, and how, an abiding public demand for higher education saw the emergence of a highly innovative system of higher education. They will participate in an analysis of the private - public divide in higher education and how proposed new policies in different government documents deal with the future of the higher education system.

The programme will then provide a comprehensive examination of the rules and policies and Ministry of Education criteria concerning the setting up of private higher educational institutions, including universities and university colleges. Laws and regulations covering course approvals, advertisements and other practical aspects of the law will be covered. Cautionary advice on pitfalls and delays will be shared with the participants.

Any changes proposed by the Ministry of Education or likely changes to the laws and regulations will also be discussed.