Personal Data Protection Act 2010 and the Higher Education Sector

The Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) applies to everyone who uses personal data and has vast implications for the privacy of information. The Act introduces new principles for the processing of data and new rights to individuals over their personal information. The private education sector is treated as a class of data users who must register under the Act.

The changes will require institutions to reexamine current practices in the maintenance, storing and sharing of student and staff information. Student access to their information requires a rethinking on academic and assessment processes among others.

Academic research and publications also are bound by these new provisions.


This Presentation Examines

New data protection principles and new rights and how they balanced with academic needs;

The impact of the Act on academic and educational processes in PHEIs

Institutional policies and procedures to safeguard personal information.

The implications for academic research and publishing;

The right to privacy;

Change management to adapt to the new culture of data protection.





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