Plagiarism & Copyright Law

The one day training programme addresses some of the most pressing issues in higher education. Plagiarism and copyright are subjects that are still largely unclear to both academics and students in higher education. Often, the infringements are not blameworthy in a normal sense; they are merely the result of ignorance of the protocols of writing. The problem is compounded by the easy access to digital information and content published over the Internet. Nevertheless, the practice creates difficulties in the management and supervision of academic writing.

Sadly, accusations of plagiarism have even been directed at academics in the highest positions in academia, with the alleged misconduct sometimes preceding the report by several decades. The written word that is published is remarkably durable and persists as a permanent and fixed record of past efforts even if the author has moved on to higher levels of chievement. 

Participants in this programme will be presented with clear definitions of the different types of academic misdemeanours, how they occur and the steps that can be taken to minimise their occurrence. Participants will take away important tips and useful hand-tools to help manage plagiarism and copyright in the classroom and in the supervision of post-graduates.