Privacy & Data Protection Laws for Journalists, Academics and Writers

Emerging laws aimed at protecting the privacy of individuals such as the Personal Data Protection Act 2010 may encroach on the freedom of expression of those working in the artistic, literary, academic, and journalistic domains. Even social media users must be concerned by these laws which confer new rights on individuals over their personal information. Careless publication may result in costly litigation and the payment of compensation to those whose rights may be affected.

This course provides an overview of the new laws against the background of established laws such as breach of confidence, defamation, and nuisance. The course also examines in detail how the new laws attempt to balance privacy rights with the freedom of expression

The course is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of the new laws to those who are engaged in writing and publishing in whatever domain, to write and publish safely within the limits of these laws.

Topics Covered

  • Domains of the artist and writer – research; academia; the media; journalism.
  • Established restrictions on the freedoms of the artist and writer – defamation; breach of confidence, the law of nuisance.
  • The right to privacy and how it affects artists, photographers, researchers, and journalists.
  • The Personal Data Protection Act 2010 – how the Act regulates the use of personal data; how personal data rights are balanced with journalistic and other rights; the role of the Commissioner.
  • International regulations on data protection and how they apply in Malaysia.

Presenters: Professor Zaharom Nain and Mr U K Menon, Barrister