21st Century Skills Programmes

21st Century Skills Programmes

Posted on : October 31 2018

Developed initially for regional clients, the programmes have been rewritten for graduates from universities in Malaysia. 

The training programmes not only addresses several factors that reduce the young graduate’s chances of employment but also deals with the young graduate’s personal and career development after graduation.

The programmes were developed after a careful evaluation of employers’ concerns and the findings of several international studies that have reported on the skills gaps in graduates. The consensus across all countries is that universities focus on cognitive knowledge but not how to apply the knowledge to take opportunities provided in the rapidly changing world. A common thread that runs through all of ESPACT’S 21st CENTURY SKILLS for GRADUATES is the ability use knowledge and how to adapt.The types of skills most absent in young graduates are personal and interpersonal skills. 

21st CENTURY SKILLS for GRADUATES cover a range of skills such as Creativity and Innovation, Critical Thinking and Problem Solving, Communication, Collaboration and Information Management.

The new programmes are an important addition to Espact's catalogue of over 200 training programmes.

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