Posted on : December 16 2022



Translation* of the Text of the Minister of Education's Speech At The Special Media Conference on 15 December 2022


Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

Greetings and Prosperity

1. With me this evening are the Deputy Education Minister YB Lim Hui Ying, Chief Secretary of the Ministry of Education Datuk Yusran Shah Mohd Yusof, and Director General of Education of Malaysia Datuk Pkharuddin Ghazali.

2. I understand the hope and aspiration of Malaysians, especially students and teachers towards the Malaysian Ministry of Education (KPM) and the leaders who were recently appointed by YAB Prime Minister. Therefore, the media conference this evening aims to express the aspirations of KPM and to explain some of the frequent concerns expressed by stakeholders, and the general public.

3. The process of developing human capital starts from preschool till post-secondary school. KPM is a ministry that is very focused on the development of manners, morals, and integrity, to produce "Good and Smart Children" (Anak yang Baik lagi Cerdik - ABC), for a generation with a strong identity that can face future challenges.

4. After a week of listening to the top management of KPM, I am very confident in the support and cooperation from all members of KPM. We can satisfy all parties, especially on the issues of learning and teaching.

5. I have found several needs for improvements in delivering the process and the services of education. The aspirations of KPM are quite clear, thus, every decision needs to be studied properly and researched. This culture will still be continued by the Ministry of Education. The ministry will continue with the current policies, and at the same time improve the delivery process to ensure efficiency and effectiveness.

6. I will take a more holistic approach through a process of consultation and deliberation with strategic partners and all stakeholders. I will also ensure that the entire education ecosystem is compliant with the 1996 Education Act and its related regulations. I will reactivate the National Education Advisory Council (MPPK), as enshrined in the 1996 Education Act. With the existence of the MPPK, it is hoped to be able to contribute ideas and views to the Ministry of Education in designing and improving the direction of national education. This includes the continuation of the Malaysian Education Development Plan, which will end in 2025.

7. I desire to see happy students, happy teachers, happy schools, and a prosperous country. This will be the priority of the Ministry of Education. Therefore, KPM will improve cooperation with all parties such as the National Union of Teaching Profession (NUTP), Malaysian Council of School Principals (MPSM), Malaysian Association of Head Teachers (PGBM), 'Parents, Community and Private Involvement (PIBKS)', as well as other stakeholders for input to achieve this aim.

8. Currently, the country is still facing economic challenges, including the high cost of living. Educators too feel the impact. Therefore, the ministry will ensure existing initiatives will be maintained, and improvements made as required.

9. The Ministry of Education will focus on seven main cores, namely:

First, make communication between the ministry and schools more efficient and transparent. Therefore, to reduce the bureaucracy in teachers' and students' matters, complaints, suggestions and enquiries can be submitted directly through various official channels provided by KPM including the Public Complaint Management System (SISPAA), AduBuli and Customer Service Counters. I will make sure that all matters will be acted on.

Second, emphasize the 'caring soul' through the development of manners, morals, and integrity. The Ministry of Education is confident of creating a harmonic atmosphere that will hinder negative symptoms such as sexual harassment, bullying, extremism, gangsterism and vandalism.

Third, pay attention to the issue of multidimensional poverty of students from the B40 family, such as malnutrition, device unavailability, and lack of learning spaces. I am will work closely with the relevant ministry to ensure the issues of family poverty that have a direct impact on children's education can be properly assisted.

Fourth, pay attention to the issue of educational lagging as well as literacy and numeracy problems, so that the educational gap can be bridged.

Fifth, paying attention to the welfare of teachers because teachers are responsible for the effective delivery of education. Therefore, I will make sure they are given continuous professional support, and focus on teachers' welfare including stress faced by teachers due to workload and distance from a partner.

Sixth, focus on efforts to renovate and upgrade rundown schools, especially in Sabah and Sarawak.

Seventh, improve the ability of digital education in schools. The Ministry will make joint arrangements with central agencies to improve the capacity for digital education in educational institutions under the KPM. I will instruct KSU to take care of this matter. KPM will submit appropriate proposals to the Cabinet.


Happiness in the classroom is the basis of national education. Therefore, the entire educational ecosystem and service delivery system will be streamlined to achieve this desire. KPM will continue to support the ministry's mission and vision as well as the National Education Philosophy to steer national education in facing current and future challenges. At the same time, KPM has many stakeholders covering different social classes, ages, and backgrounds. Managing public expectations is a challenge that must be shouldered by KPM to ensure a fair and equitable meeting point, realized by the administration of this Unity Government.

Thank you.

*Translated by Rosli Mahat