The Minister of Higher Education Makes Eleven Resolutions for His Ministry

The Minister of Higher Education Makes Eleven Resolutions for His Ministry

Posted on : March 1 2023

The Minister of Higher Education, Dato’ Seri Mohamed Khaled Nordin announced eleven resolutions that he would implement in the management of his ministry. The resolutions were made in a New Year message to his Ministry.

This is the second time that Dato’ Seri Mohamed Khaled Nordin is appointed as Minister of Higher Education. During his previous tenure, he carried out a major review of the private sector of higher education. Some of the recommendations from that review were implemented through the Private Higher Educational Institutions (Amendment) Act 2017.

It is not typical for ministers to announce their plans through resolutions like these. However, the resolutions, if executed, will ensure transparency in ministerial actions and a means to measure the minister’s role during his tenure.

The eleven resolutions of the Minister are,

  1. First, everything we do at KPT and all the agencies under it must translate national aspirations firmly, completely, and accurately.
  2. Second, in translating various national policies and programs, the KPT will be professional, fair, objective, and non-political.
  3. Third, there will be a reassessment of the position of this Ministry as a whole. Both in terms of ability, performance, and future missions.
  4. Fourth, the Ministry will introduce measures to strengthen Malaysia's intellectual resources.
  5. The fifth resolution is to see and prepare how the Ministry should manage the various changes and technological innovations that affect higher education plans.
  6. The sixth resolution is to strengthen Malaysia's position as 'the lynchpin' country between two oceans (the Pacific and Indian Oceans) to attract the arrival of international students, researchers, and global talent.
  7. The seventh resolution is to carry out a massive overhaul of the national TVET system and ecosystem.
  8.  The Eighth resolution is to ensure the importance of private higher educational institutions in the higher education sector and ensure their continuing success as higher education providers.
  9. The ninth resolution is related to quality and academic excellence in higher education.
  10. The tenth resolution is to improve access to higher education and the education funding regime.
  11. The eleventh resolution is about student empowerment, placing it in a larger context and giving more responsibility and decision-making space to students in higher education institutions.