The National Education System & the Classification of Educational Institutions

Cancellation of registration of an educational institution

The Registrar General has powers to cancel the registration of an educational institution if he is satisfied that it is expedient so to do on any of the following grounds:

  1. that the educational institution does not satisfy the prescribed standards of health and safety;
  2. that discipline in the educational institution is not being adequately maintained;
  3. that the registration of the educational institution was obtained by reason of mistake or of any false or misleading statement;
  4. that the chairman of the board of governors or any other person responsible for the management of the educational institution has made a false or misleading statement in a material particular in promoting the educational institution;
  5. that there has been a breach of any term or condition imposed by the Registrar General under subsection 79(3);
  6. that there is no chairman of the board of governors of the educational institution, or that the person appointed to be the chairman of the board of governors or to be head teacher is not a fit and proper or responsible person to act as chairman or head teacher, as the case may be.

The process of cancellation is initiated by a notice of intention to cancel specifying the ground or grounds for the cancellation. The institution concerned is given 21 days to appeal to the Registrar General. If no appeal is made or if the appeal is rejected, the Registrar General may forthwith cancel the registration. A notice of an intention to cancel the registration may also be served if the Registrar General has reason to believe that a registered educational institution has ceased to exist.