The National Education System & the Classification of Educational Institutions

Refusal to register an educational institution

The Registrar General has powers to refuse the registration of an educational institution if he is satisfied—

  1. that the educational institution does not satisfy the prescribed standards of health and safety;  
  2. that the educational institution is used or likely to be used for a purpose detrimental to the interests of Malaysia, the public or the pupils;
  3. that the name under which the educational institution is to be registered is, in his opinion, undesirable;
  4. that existing educational facilities are already adequate in the area in which it is proposed to open the educational institution;
  5. that a statement which was false or misleading in a material particular has been made in or in connection with the application for registration;
  6. that the person applying for the registration of the educational institution fails or refuses to comply with any of the conditions imposed by the Registrar General under subsection 82(3); or
  7. that the person appointed to be the chairman of the board of governors or head teacher is not a fit and proper or responsible person to act as chairman or head teacher, as the case may be.

The Act gives the aggrieved person a right to appeal to the Minister.