The National Education System & the Classification of Educational Institutions

Making education a National Key Economic Areas (NKEA).

The focus of education NKEA is on strengthening the private education services sector by increasing private consumption and investments as well as expanding educational exports. 2020 envisions education as big business and not just a stopover location. This in turn is intended to develop a first world talent base that it needs. Each NKEA is given specific targets and concrete actions to drive economic development. The education NKEA has 13 Entry Point Projects (EPP). These are

EPP 1: Scaling up early child care and education centres

EPP 2: Improving early child care and education training

EPP 3: Scaling up international schools

EPP 4: Expanding private teacher training

EPP 5: Scaling up private skills training provision

EPP 6: Expanding international distance learning

EPP 7: Building a Islamic finance and business education DC

EPP 8: Building a health services discipline cluster

EPP 9: Building an advanced engineering discipline cluster

EPP 10: Building a hospitality and tourism discipline cluster

EPP 11: Launching EduCity @ Iskandar

EPP 12: Championing Malaysia’s international education brand

EPP 13: Introducing public private partnerships in basic education