The National Education System & the Classification of Educational Institutions

Teaching of religious knowledge of a religion other than Islam

Under the Act, the governors of a government-aided educational institution may provide for religious teaching in a religion other than Islam to the pupils of the educational institution or to any of them but no such provision shall be defrayed from moneys provided by Parliament. This provision in the Act enables Mission and other schools affiliated with a particular religion to provide instructions in their particular religion.

Parental consent which has to be in writing is required under the Act for a pupil to attend teaching in a religion other than that which he professes.

In line with policy that states that every Muslim child must receive Islamic education in school, the KSSR curriculum (as well as the KBSR curriculum before it) provides 160 minutes per week of Islamic Education to Muslim students and 120 minutes per week of Moral Education to non-Muslim students. Malaysia Education Blueprint 2013-2015, 2014,