The National Education System & the Classification of Educational Institutions

Pre-school education and Kindergartens

Pre-school education is the last level of education that was brought within full regulation by the MOE. The term pre-school education is defined by the Education Act 1996 as educational programmes for pupils from the ages of four to six years. As it with all other levels of schools in the NES, kindergartens which are defined as centres providing pre-school education, have to be registered with the MOE. Kindergartens are required to use the National Pre-School Curriculum but may teach in languages other than the National Language. If the National Language is not used, it shall be taught as a compulsory subject.

Around 77% of students are now enrolled in some form of preschool education (either public or private), and the target is for universal enrolment through the Education National Key Results Area (NKRA) in the GTP. Malaysia Education Blueprint 2013 - 2025